The next generation...

The next 20 years will see the biggest ever inter-generational transfers of wealth – from the baby boomers of the West to their children and the first significant inter-generational transfers of wealth in Asia – in China in particular.
Are your relationship managers ready to handle these new relationships in a relevant manner? Are they equipped to ascertain the financial needs of the new generation and translate these into solutions that meet discovered needs?
This transfer will move money from the baby boomers to generations X & Y.  Generations X & Y grew up with rock stars raising money for the starving, film stars as UN ambassadors and a constant accompaniment of video images of humanitarian disaster beamed around the world.
The new generations want their bankers to provide portfolios that satisfy their moral values as well as their search for financial value and investment performance. Are your relationship managers able to discover these values and offer investment solutions that meet them in a tangible way?
Is your wealth management model sustainable in this new environment? The world of wealth management has changed forever. Have you?
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