Wealth Coaching - helping relationship managers perform to the highest standards

WealthCoaching is a service for individuals who deal with High Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth individuals (HNWI and UHNWI). It is designed to help you to understand and use the

  • unrealised preconceptions that clients need (and often fail) to deal with
  • psychological processes behind (U)HNWI decisions
  • ways in which these decisions can be influenced
  • strengths that you as an individual bring to relationship management and how to turn them to your advantage with your clients
  • areas where you can grow in confidence and ability
  • approaches in dealing with problematical situations that build relationships.

WealthCoaching is one-on-one coaching service tailored to the individual relationship manager which is delivered over a fixed number of coaching sessions.

WealthCoaching targets your relationships with your clients and provides you with the tools that will help you to build stronger and more effective client relationships in your individual circumstance.

WealthCoaching – Empowering performance in Relationship Managers.

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